Can you honestly say you love your life? When was the last time you woke up thinking, “f*** yeah!”?

I thought so.


Hey! I’m Alexis.

I’m a writer, speaker, creative strategist and human pep talk–and I want you to actually like being alive.

But here’s the problem: You and I are working our assess off, juggling multiple projects, managing our coworkers’ emotions, and going above and beyond to prove we’re promotion-worthy to our bosses. We’re trying to “have a life,” and “practice self-care”—making plans with friends, going on dates, getting to the gym, eating three meals a day, occasionally bathing—some of us are even taking care of other living beings.

To say we are “tired” is a gross understatement.

You don’t need more vague self-help advice, clickbait listicles, or suspiciously expensive #SelfCare products. You need actionable advice—rooted in scientific research—that’s also easy to understand.

…And that’s where I come in.

“Alexis is the long-awaited answer to placing science behind magic. She speaks in simple language and is able to provide understanding to the most un-understandable thoughts, moments and ideas that your brain tricks you into thinking. She's the perfect combination of relatable, caring, and funny.”

—Ashley Mahoney, Kansas City





...Oh, have you never called it that? 

Fuckyeah is having a sense of purpose without having all the answers, and real, irrepressible joy without living a bubble-wrapped, pain-free life.

It’s the version of being alive where you can’t help but think “fuck yeah!!!” like, all the time.


Fuckyeah is what gives you the motivation and clarity of mind to work your ass off, stick with it when shit hits the fan, and know which problems are the worth-it-problems. It's everything that lights you up inside.

**hard eye roll**

I know, I know, but do you really think I would’ve gone to all the trouble of writing an entire book if fuckyeah wasn’t a real thing?




1. It will completely change your life.


2. Something about my tone won’t resonate with you, so you’ll bookmark a page and run for the hills. Whatever you did absorb before chucking the book will sit quietly in your subconscious, and become the little life-changing seed that helps you change your life one day. Maybe not today, but someday.

I’m 100% happy with both outcomes.



"So, what kind of stuff do you cover in the book, exactly?"


In Find Your Fuckyeah you will:

- Learn the difference between you, your job, and your “calling” / “purpose” (and what lies are tangled up in that topic) so you can earn a paycheck doing something you love.

- Discover why you fantasize about quitting your job at the Modern Factory (the MF) to "do your own thing" but have no fucking idea what that thing would be...and get clarity on what you want. 

- Learn why you bounce back and forth between boredom + stress (Hint: it has to do with your Autopilot-brain, i.e. “subconscious”); PLUS, learn how to trade that boredom + stress for motivation + joy (based on cutting edge research from neuroscientists.)

- Recognize what "limiting stories" are currently fucking up your brain - and learn how to cancel your subscription to bullshit.

- Look at your reflection in the mirror, think something positive about yourself, and not gag at the same time.

- Discover ways to seek out your particular connection to the Universe without the **eye rolling**, cringing, or monthly yoga membership.

- Learn how to make the impossible possible; set Big Crazy WTF Am I Thinking Goals and ACTUALLY accomplish them (using strategies tried, tested and approved by psychologists).

- Learn to recognize toxic people in your life, cut them from your inner circle without being an asshole, and find the squad you need. #accountabilibuddies

- Learn how to stop giving a shit about what you should have, should do, or should be and all the other ‘shoulds’ that are on a loop in your brain - and how to like yourself, instead. 

- Learn to stop glamorizing your future and make your life awesome right now. Right now.

...and so much more...holy shit, SO MUCH MORE!

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