Hi, again! 👋 Alexis here.

Thank you so much for attending my “Impossible” Q3 Goals workshop at this year’s Upper Left Ladies Summit.

It was an honor to be surrounded by such inspiring, hard working, and creative womxn—y’all are going to change the world.

So… We’re friends now, right?

Cool cool cool.

Because I have some epic resources to gift to you.


Wish you could review the jam-packed content we covered during the workshop?

You can.

Download your exclusive, printable copy of the 17-page “Impossible” Q3 Goals workbook for every prompt, question, and action-step we covered—from start to finish.

For free. Because I love you.👇

    Need help finding “accountabilibuddies” to keep you on track with your Q3 Mini Goals and 2019 Big Crazy goal?

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    We’re here, waiting for you.

    Join the “Impossible” Q3 Goals Accountability Crew—a private facebook group exclusive to ULL Summit attendees—to keep the magic alive well into Q3.

    Use your free membership to practice that “Ask + Offer” strategy—ask your summit friends for specific help and offer your skills and perspective in return.

    Find support, ask questions, and build relationships beyond the summit. Stay on track. Make the impossible possible.

    Want instant access to my 4-part masterclass on foolproof goal-setting for self-sabotaging creatives?

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