Episode 9: You're not lazy, your brain is glitching. (How to avoid the scam of multitasking and still get things done.)


Hi hello hey there hiiiiii! Today I'm calling to clarify (1) no, you're not lazy, (2) no, you're not bad at your job, and (3) your brain is glitching, because—drumroll please—it turns out "multitasking" is a scam.

In this voicemail, I breakdown the science behind why multitasking is actually "switch-tasking"—and what that's doing to your ability to focus + get anything done. (Hint: very bad things. Your brain needs a hug.)

I also explain why your attention span is your only limited inner resource—and give practical tips for how to stay productive without giving into to the billions of dollars worth of advertising around "productivity," "efficiency," and "multitasking." Hint: studies show the most productive people do ONE thing at at time. (WTF?!)

Oh, and more heavy breathing, loud trucks, and threats of rain. Good stuff.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Favorite mindful focus app: Flipd. Use my unique promo code: FINDYOURYOU10, to get Flipd Premium for $10 (rather than regular price of $30 for an Annual Subscription). Note: Use this link: https://dashboard.flipdapp.co/subscriptions/promo/FINDYOURYOU10 as the code doesn't work directly on the app. 

  • The “pomodoro method” of 25-60 minute working blocks with 5-10 min breaks.


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