Episode 8: Mindfulness for People Already Rolling Their Eyes


Hello! How the hell are ya? (hahahaha I’ve never said that in my life.) Today’s voicemail about mindfulness is for everyone rolling their eyes - because I don’t blame you. Meditation / mindfulness is uber trendy; it’s basically the “kale” of modern spirituality. And there’s plenty of misinformation out there about mindfulness: is it a spiritual practice, or isn’t it? Are there any studies proving its effects on the body? Do you actually have to clear your mind to get the benefits? Or give up WiFi and move to a cave in the Adirondacks to be good at it? (Hint: nope, its simple.)

Get ready for the simplest breakdown of mindfulness ever (no joke, I sum it up in four words), the garbled sound of wind in my earbuds, and a comment about my armpit sweat from way out of left field. You’re welcome.

So…Call me when you get this?

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