Episode 5: Let's Talk About Privilege (and Not Freak Out!)


Hi!!! How are you?? Today I’m calling to talk about something that makes me (and literally everyone) very uncomfortable: Privilege.

With new conversations about race, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, faith, poverty, etc. happening online and IRL, acknowledging privilege is making a lot of people…defensive. As if we need to prove how difficult our lives have been or how hard we’ve worked in order to be valued + heard. Here’s the thing…it’s a total waste of our time and energy!

In this episode I breakdown my definition of privilege (it has to do with the lottery and a road trip), and I invite you to join me in trying something so crazy that it just might make sense. Curious? Hurry up and listen!

P.S. If you’ve got suggestions of books, organizations, or people that work to educate, promote empathy, and breakdown systemic barriers, pleeeeaassssse let me know! Drop a comment or shoot me an email (see below). THENNK EWWE!

So…Call me when you get this?

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