Episode 4: You're Right; You're Not Ready. Start Anyway.


Helloooo! Today I’m calling to tell you what I wish a time-traveling Future Me could have told Past Me: “You’re absolutely right, you’re not ready. Start anyway.” In this quick episode I explain 1) why you’re sure you’re not ready to try the thing you want to try, 2) how to overcome your lizard brain from paralyzing you with fear, and 3) a new approach to failure: think like a scientist. Oh, and I came up with a killer bumper sticker idea: “Today’s ceiling is tomorrow’s floor.” TM, Copyright, blah blah blah, LMK if you need a logo tee. But really, be brave—start starting. I promise it’s worth it.

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Song Credit: “Semicircle Song” by The Go! Team

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