Episode 13: How to Reflect on Your Year (Without Having a Meltdown)


Helloooo my love! (Is “love” too strong? That’s strong…) Hellooooo my platonic internet friend I send voicemails to!

This week has got me reflecting: Partly because it’s the first week of July ( the beginning of the last half of the year), partly because Rihanna told me to, and partly because it’s my birthday week (WOOO!).

As both an ambitious and emotional person, I’ve learned there’s a right way and a wrong way to reflect on life—and by “right way,” I mean the way that allows you to reflect on your successes and failures without having an existential meltdown.

There are 3 key parts I’ve found to reflecting the “right” way (which I explain in detail in this episode; why read about it when you could just listen? Anywayyy…):

  1. Be your own hype-person. Find a mental airhorn and blast that sucker.

  2. Don’t look back unless you’re wearing gratitude glasses.

  3. Ask yourself better questions.

In this episode I share my real-life example of how we all minimize our accomplishments, reflect-brag on my own year, and share my top (3) “better” questions. Also, you get to hear an exciting announcement that means free stuff for you. Oh, and my party foghorn. A lot of it.

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