Episode 12: NBD, Just a Big Announcement.

no really, call me. (1).png

Oh, helllllo there. Just popping in to share an exciting announcement...while also slurping coffee and rustling the covers of my bed. (What!? All big announcements should be made from the comfort of one's bed.)

Are you ready?

YOU can actually call ME now!

That's right: the Call Me When You Get This hotline is open for business. Just Call: 510) 394 - 2104.

Say hey, crack a joke, share feedback, shower the podcast with compliments, or my favorite option—ask me a question. Y'all know how much I love nerding out on research, so if you've got a question on mental health, happiness, purpose in our careers, productivity, the meaning of life, you name it—I'll do my damndest to find out what smart people have discovered in science on that topic and share with you.

That's 510) 394-2104.

I guess...I'll call you...when I get this?

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