Episode 11: Don't Let Your Inspiration Go Sour (Here's How)


OOOOOooooo she’s back, she’s alive, she’s here! And she’s (okay let’s change grammatical tense here: I’m) doing a lap around my neighborhood with newfound coffee, no longer sick in bed. But that’s off topic.

You know that feeling when you’re totally inspired by something (like a friend, someone on social media, an idea, anything really) and because of this thing or person, you’re filled with motivation and energy to change your life?

But then, suddenly, that inspiration turns on you—and instead of feeling motivated and inspired, you now feel like sh*t, ashamed you haven’t accomplished anything close to that yet, and are overwhelmed by all the ways you’ll never be enough?

Welcome to being a human.

In this voicemail, I’m calling to talk about how my inspiration turned on me this morning—and why something I learned recently about the human brain helped to snap me out of it. We’ll talk about how “inspiration” is actually kinetic energy, why the chemicals that freak us the hell out are the same ones that fill us with excitement (just with a different mental “label”), and how to combat the urge to beat yourself up when your inspiration tries to sour on you.

We’ll also talk about what do if you’re already “sour”—aka frustrated, fed up, or discontent with something in your life—and how to use that frustrated energy as powerful momentum to make good stuff happen. Also: little kids on razor scooters, extreme construction noise, and incessant coffee slurping. LOVE YOU.

So…Call me when you get this?

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