Episode 1: Welcome to Call Me When You Get This!


Welcome to the first ever episode of my new podcast, Call Me When You Get This!

Think of Call Me When You Get This as a daily voicemail pep talk from your new best friend–who knows she calls you WAY too often to ever expect you to call her back.

Why a voicemail? Because sometimes you need be reminded that you don’t suck. That the world is not a raging dumpster fire, 100% of the time. That someone out there loves you. And none of your friends are really doing that, are they? So, I will.

I’m Alexis Rockley—artist, author, and human personification of confetti. I’m going to call you, every week, sometimes everyday, to remind you that you’re doing great, that you don’t suck, that we’re all in this together.

I’ll tell you what I’m up to; I’ll tell you cool shit I’ve learned about mental health and finding your purpose at work; I’ll be your cheerleader, champion, and hype woman. I’ll also probably ramble a little and make up stupid songs, but whatever, that’s me.

So…Call me when you get this?

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Song Credit: “Semicircle Song” by The Go! Team

Let’s be friends.

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