Episode 2: Gratitude for People Already Rolling Their Eyes


Hey. Hello, Hi. Helloooo.

I'm calling you on December 23rd, deep into the holiday season of 2018. The holidays can be great, but they can also be weird and difficult for some of us. In this episode, I talk about the secret antidote to holiday depression, anxiety, and loneliness known as "gratitude"—and what I've learned about gratitude that keeps me from rolling my eyes the way I used to. I mention some scientific studies, tips + tricks on how to "count your blessings" if that phrase makes you cringe, and—BONUS—you get to hear my heavy breathing and the ambient noise of my neighborhood (including crunching leaves and an old car starting). Ready?

Links to a few of the scientific studies I mention (there are A LOT more):

- “Counting blessings” improved well-being and mood more than neutral group or group “counting hassles”

- Gratitude reduces PTSD and improves post-traumatic growth

- Gratitude creates open-mindedness and flexibility, increases resilience, coping, and health

So…Call me when you get this?

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