(Where To Hang Out) Amsterdam: Keukenhof

Keukenhof Gardens / Lisse, The Netherlands / img via Local (Tourist)

Keukenhof Gardens / Lisse, The Netherlands / img via Local (Tourist)

I've been known to plan trips around flowers in bloom...wild tulips in Holland, cherry blossoms in Japan, poppy fields in California...all magic. In The Netherlands, millions of tulips bloom once a year, for only a few weeks - between end of March and early May. To read about my insane bucket list experience (laying down in a field of tulips in Holland), read here! Find a way to see these tulips. T r u s t.  M e.

Take a selfie so colorful the saturation on your iPhone will be blown out. 

The easiest way to see them in bloom is to go mid-April, and to visit Keukenhof, 'the world's garden'. It's only open during tulip season: end of March through early May every spring. About a 30 - 40min bus ride outside of Amsterdam, Keukenhof is actually located in Lisse, Holland. The gardens are made up of 80 acres (39 hectares) of perfectly manicured gardens, including a lot more flowers than just tulips. Take a couple hours one afternoon to wander through the park, maybe have a picnic on one of the lawns - or grab lunch in one of their resort-style cafeterias.

For a breakdown of need-to-know info, read on. 

Keukenhoff Gardens / Lisse, Netherlands / img via Local (Tourist)

Keukenhoff Gardens / Lisse, Netherlands / img via Local (Tourist)

Why Go?

Because these flowers bloom once a year, and are stunning in person. The intensity and saturation of color, row after row, is a sensory overload. Besides, have you really been to The Netherlands if you haven't seen Dutch tulips in bloom? 

How Do I Get There? 

The easiest way to get to Keukenhof is from Schipol Airport, via the train station located in the airport. Just outside the station doors are colorful buses advertising transportation to-and-from Keukenhof, where you can also buy last minute tickets. You can get to Schipol Airport station from the main train station in Amsterdam, Central, or from the other major station, Leidseplein - it's a 15 min trip to Schipol in both cases. 

If you know exactly when you want to go, you can buy tickets on the Keukenhof website. They sell combination tickets that include the tour company's bus fare to and from the airport train station. 

If you know you want to go, but aren't sure when - wait until you're in Amsterdam to buy the tickets. They can be purchased at Central Station, Leidensplein Station, or the Schipol Airport station. 

Keukenhof Gardens / Lisse, Netherlands / img via Local (Tourist)

Keukenhof Gardens / Lisse, Netherlands / img via Local (Tourist)


Tickets in Spring 2017 were €16.00 to enter the park, or €29.00 for entrance fee + bus fare to-and-from the train stations in Amsterdam. 

Pro-Tip: if all you care about is rows and rows of tulips, but don't want to pay to enter the Keukenhof park - buy bus fare only to Keukenhof, then walk 10 minutes down the road to see the rows of tulips grown by local farmers. Read about my bucket list experience with tulips HERE. I still had fun in Keukenhof though - if you give a shit about nature, it's worth the ticket price. 

Best Time To Go?

Middle of April. Tulip season in The Netherlands is between end of March and beginning of May. Now you know when to request vacation days from work. That was easy! 

Keukenhof Gardens


2160 AB, Stationsweg 166, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands

 +31 252 465 555


Want to see the tulips, but don't feel like paying for Keukenhof admission? Check out L(T) Bucket List: Dutch Tulips in Bloom.