(Where To) Shop San Francisco: No Vintage

You know when you walk into a vintage boutique, and you are immediatley blown away by the great curating and quality? But then recall how it feels when you look at the price tags on those pieces, the sudden rush of anger that you can't afford anything in this perfect shop? 

No Vintage is not that. 

You know when you walk into a thrift store, and you're so excited that everything with a yellow sticker is 30% off, and everything is already under $10? But as you start walk deeper into the big box store lit by fluorescent lights you smell that musty, old clothing smell...and realize you have to be patient enough to dig through piles and racks of sadness to find the right piece? 

No Vintage is not that. 

I actually hesitated at writing about No, because I had that selfish urge to hang onto the secret and not risk a million people descending on this treasure of a shop in the Mission neighborhood in SF.

But that would be fucked up, because everyone deserves to know about No. 

The shop has men's and women's vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories - all excellently curated. When I say curated, I mean hand-picked items that are timeless (think perfect denim jackets and super soft tees) or very on-trend (think high rise paper bag pants, crop tops in neutral colors, linen dresses, etc). When I say vintage, I'm talking about primarily 70's through 90's styles - with a few select older pieces that still translate as everyday wearable.

The thrilling part about No is that they've priced all their items fairly. Yes, that's right, fairly priced vintage. Tees under $20, dresses usually under $30...even a cashmere sweater for $22. PRAISE HANDS, finally vintage that's hand picked, fairly priced and clean. Did I mention every piece smells like clean laundry and not moth balls? As if I'm not gushing enough already, the ceiling is strewn with plants hanging from macrame containers, growing happily from all the natural light pouring in. 

No is vintage shopping alchemy - somehow affordable, perfectly curated and flawless quality vintage. It's so perfect I'm afraid the clock will strike midnight and it will turn back into a pumpkin. (Or pumpkin colored floral mumu with a $90 price point). But it won't, because No is the sweet spot of vintage in San Francisco.

Where: 389 Valencia st, San Francisco, CA, 94103