(Where To) Shop San Francisco: Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes (lpp) is the perfect little lifestyle shop in San Francisco; it totally embodies Californian style. The boutique carries what I'd describe as art-objects - some small and affordable enough to be souvenirs, and all totally one of a kind. LPP showcases local artists and makers - handmade jewelry, artist's prints, ceramics, stationary, zines, books, home objects and even a curated assortment of clothing.

It began as an online shop in 2004, founded and curated by Kelly Lynn Jones (an artist herself). She opened the physical shop in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco in 2013, and have become an iconic part of the community. The space itself is small, airy and radiant with sunlight from the bay windows that face Valencia street. 

So why is this little shop a must-visit? Because the tiny little space isn't just full of things you'll want to buy - its actually inspiring.

The presentation of each artist and their work is unique to LPP - instead of segregating each artist's products to its own area (something that often happens in shops that showcase artists + makers), LPP mixes them all together expertly, telling fun stories via the presentation. The effect makes you comb over every inch of the shop, making multiple rounds, discovering something new with each pass through. And wanting to give them all your money. Like, all of it. 

It's clear that team at Little Paper Planes care about the artist's work they sell - they know exactly how each piece was made, what it's made of (just ask them about the jewelry!) and clearly respect the items they sell. If you're going to buy something unique in San Francisco - especially something fun, like a one of a kind souvenir - buy it at LPP! Support local creatives,  artists, and the totally badass curator and her team bringing them all together!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I just really love finding places that inspire me, and want those hard-working creatives out there to be seen and supported.  

Little Paper Planes

Where: 855 Valencia Street between 19th and 20th, San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone: 415-643-4616

Monday - Saturday: 12-7

Sunday: 12-6

Check Out: www.littlepaperplanes.com