(Where To Shop) Berlin

Berliners are famous for their killer personal style, and for good reason. Minimalism, voluminous shapes and streetwear - yes, yes, yes. But shopping in Berlin is an experience - like a curated art gallery or a treasure hunt. Read on for a round up of L(T) favorites.

If you're looking to shop while you wander, most people start in the Mitte neighborhood. Depending on what block you're on, you'll find everything from fast fashion (think H&M, Zara) to designer flagships (think Prada, Chanel). The best, most authentic, Berliner fashion lands somewhere between those two extremes: small local designers, curated vintage, and minimalist shops.

In case you're wondering, 'strasse' translates to 'street'. Basically everything on Mulackstrasse is worth exploring. It's been called the most fashionable street in Berlin...If you have throw around money (or if not, self control) explore these shops. Even if you can't afford a secondhand Isabel Marant jacket, the shop environments are actually inspiring! On Mulackstrasse alone you can check out: Schwarzhogerzeil & Schwarzhogerzeil II, Das Neue Schwarz, Baerck, Starstyling. Outside of the Mitte area, you'll  find unique shops in Kreuzberg and Neukolln too...

Andreas Murkudis - Tucked away from normal shopping areas, this amazing concept store was founded by the former Director of the Museum der Dinge (design muesum). The shop IS design you can't miss; sky-high ceilings, incredible displays of accessories, and curated pieces. It was relocated from Mitte to Tiergarten, where most of it's neighbors are art galleries. There's art, clothing, accessories, home goods and more...worth a visit!

'Hood: Tiergarten

Blank Vintage - self-proclaimed cheapest vintage in Berlin; this shop focuses on 80's and 90's styles, with plenty of 'basics' - denim jackets, hoodies, jeans, tees.

'Hood: Friedrichshain

CALYPT - This is MAJOR. This vintage shop curates the best of the best from 90's youth culture...platform sandals, spaghetti strap dresses, ath-leisure brands (think early Adidas and Reebok)...the list goes on. Feel their vibes on their tumblr (here).

'Hood: Neukolln

The Good Store - This Neukolln boutique is the perfect blend of high and low. What do we mean? Well, it's a secondhand shop - but it's design is minimal, modern and very high end in appearance (atypical for a vintage store). On its curated rails you can find a designer jacket (think Stella McCartney from a few seasons ago) next to a label-free vintage dress that epitomizes the 70's. Some things are pricey, some things are cheap - it's a treasure hunt , without the hunt. A treasure presentation. 

'Hood: Neukolln

img source: The Good Store | Berlin 

img source: The Good Store | Berlin 

Repeater Vintage - Racks of perfect vintage men's and women's apparel. Highlights include outerwear (their Levi's and Wrangler denim jacket collection!?), wall to wall shelves of classic shoes + accessories, and t-shirts you'll regret not buying. Totally affordable too; avg of $18 USD for a tee and $40 USD for an 80's-you'll-never-find-this-again kind of jacket. 

'Hood: Between Neukolln and Kreuzberg

Sing Blackbird - Good vintage clothing, good espresso, good vegan food. This cute shop has cafe tables out front and unique vintage finds inside, and they're known to host flea markets and movie nights!

'Hood: Neukolln

Temporary Showroom - This concept shop is a direct point-of-sale for upcoming German and International designers in a lofty, modern space. Temporary Showroom is more of an Event and PR agency for designers, and transform their shop into a showroom during Berlin fashion week. Check it out - best case scenario you spend money to support a local designer, and worst case you leave inspired by an awesome retail space!

'Hood: Kollwitzkiez

Voo - We think its the coolest shop in Berlin. It's a real concept store, with apparel, Magazines, Books, Art, and more. It's modern, minimal, and inspiring - crumbling drywall,concrete floors, industrial lights (very Berlin). Oh and there's a coffee shop upstairs where you can people watch. Don't skip this. 

'Hood: Kreuzberg

Wood Wood - Shopping in Berlin wouldn't be complete without a visit to Wood Wood - though the contemporary streetwear brand was founded in Copenhagen, it's usually synonymous with Berliner street style. The Mitte shop carries it's own men's and women's apparel, plus other cool brands too!

'Hood: Mitte