Los Angeles (Kara McCulloh)

Kara has a way of seeing the world in monochrome that isn't even CLOSE to boring. Her photography is stunning; her personal style + creative ambition are inspiring...You want to see her version of LA. 

The Locals

Tell us what neighborhood in Los Angeles you call home. 

My neighborhood is the least exciting, Glendale. But it's 15 minutes away from everything! I may live there but I work in downtown and consider that my new neighborhood. It's much cooler and I explore so much more there than I ever would in Glendale. 

What are you passionate about (whether it pays the bills or not)?

For my 9-5 I work in a very creative environment as a Store Merchandiser for Urban Outfitters in DTLA. I think my store has THE BEST location and I love that I get to be a part of the ever changing and expanding neighborhood that is Downtown. I also help run the local Urban Outfitters Instagram handle (@uolosangeles). 

I live my life in a mostly monochrome world (as much as I possibly can) and like to believe that I can do anything and sometimes take on too many challenges. I have a "am good at everything, great at nothing" kind of perception of myself as I will try everything and anything that peaks my creative interests. 

I went to school for photography and after having my son, found a love for children's fashion. Instagram has given me so much exposure to many predominant faces and influencers in the industry and am hoping one day I can make Children's fashion photography my full time career.  

As I like to put my eggs in many baskets, I also launched an organic beauty line in 2015, Jord Organic. I have made my own face cleansers, body butters, and lip balms for years now and I thought I might as well try selling it, ha! I truly believe that a holistic, natural, and minimal approach to life is the healthiest, and I love utilizing anything the earth gives us. Accordingly the lines called Jord Organic, Jord meaning earth in Danish. You can see more @jordorganic and jordorganic.com

If you had to summarize L.A. in a couple sentences to someone who has never been to your city, what would you say? 

Diverse. Every neighborhood is different and there's always something new happening around the corner. 

Jord Organic / www.jordorganic.com / img cred: Kara McCulloh

Jord Organic / www.jordorganic.com / img cred: Kara McCulloh

Can you name some of your favorite places to eat? Describe as little or as much as you want. 

Sqirl Cafe. Just go. 

Cactus Tacos on Vine is the perfect street taco. 

Here's some of my favorite DTLA spots. 

Guisado's is the bougier version of Cactus and make the best effing molé and horchata. 

I'm addicted to the banana vanilla shake at LA Cafe

Wood Spoon in downtown has the most satisfying grill plate. 

The fig honeycomb ricotta at LA Chapter is the perfect match with a scrambled egg breakfast plate. (Breakfast all day!)  How they get their eggs in a perfect swirly flowery shape I will never know...

Sticky Rice in Grand Central market. The BBQ chicken plate, mango sticky rice, and thai tea is my favorite lunch currently. 

What about places you hang out in / meet friends / kill time? (Like bars, coffee shops, parks, you know…) 

There are way too many good coffee shops but since I work in DTLA I'm always at Ille Cafe (I live off of their ham and cheese croissant and cappuccino) or Verve. I just eat a lot... 

Museums. There's so many good ones around. 

I have been making it a point to see more of the city that's touristy but not the obvious. I've been touring around all the Case Study houses the past few months and it's brought a new love and appreciation to LA  for me. 

'Levitated Mass' by Michael Heizer @ LACMA / Los Angeles, CA / img cred: Kara McCulloh

'Levitated Mass' by Michael Heizer @ LACMA / Los Angeles, CA / img cred: Kara McCulloh

 What do locals do on the weekends? What would you never be caught dead doing? 

I dread nothing more than the thought of Hollywood BLVD. It's the worst. Even for a tourist. 

Is there anything shamefully tourist that you have done, and would secretly recommend?

Universal studios backlot tour. It's pretty good. The old classic houses and sets are still up and I get kind of excited about it. And I am also legitimately terrified when Norman Bates comes creeping out with a knife. 

Where should we go for the good shopping? Tiny stores, cool boutiques? Vintage? 

I love shopping on Abbot Kinney. So many good shops and restaurants! 

Okay, so you call Los Angeles home - day in and day out. Living here makes you crave what kind of getaway / escape?

Cold gloomy days are my favorite. So Scandinavian countries and London just call to me! I look forward to the time I can wear a coat more than once! 

You can follow Kara on Instagram at @_klm__ and Jord Organic at @jordorganic + jordorganic.com