(Eat + Drink) Berlin

Food in Berlin is diverse + delicious! Sure, you can find a tourist's Oktoberfest beer stein and currywurst if you want to, but there's so much more than that. Fair warning: lots of vegetarian + vegan on the list. You know where to find sausage anyway. #sorrynotsorry

Alaska Bar - Spanish-style tapas (translation: free drinks with food order!), and vegan. Ridiculously good. Won't freak out your non-veg friends, since the tapas dishes stand on their own and aren't fake-meat based. Good beer, wine, cocktails and occasionally live music! 

'Hood: Neukolln

Black Sheep - Vegan coffee + food, and doing it really well. Minimal, beautiful interior. You'll like it here, unless the only way you take your coffee is with whole milk. 

'Hood: Alt-Treptow

Cafe V - delicious brunch, lunch, and dinner; right on the corner of Lausitzer Platz (a energetic town square, so-to-speak). Good vegan food + not uppity about it. In warm months they open the front windows to an inside-out patio. If you eat here once, go for brunch. 

'Hood: Wrangelkiez

Chaparro - neighborhood Mexican spot - both hip and authentic. Fucking great burritos, tacos, agua fresca and more...if you're in Kreuzberg you'll eat here more than once. 

'Hood: Kreuzberg

Dandy Diner - a vegan fast food joint with a simple but yummy menu - American fast food through the eyes of vegetarian Berliners. Also, nothing beats the staff's pink aprons and diner hats. 

'Hood: Neukolln

District Mot - self-described as Saigon street food. I'd describe as cute-as-fuck. Not sure how the owners feel about my description, but just know - it's a compliment. Colorful vibe, fun twists on Vietnamese food. Apparently their 'de la sauce' burger has won award. DO IT. 

'Hood: Between Mitte and Kolwitzkiez

Dolores - delicious burrittos, guacamole and Mexican food in the ever-so-trendy Mitte neighborhood. Perfect food to stuff my face with after walking 10+ miles in the city. Oh, and they have Mexican Coke, which only makes it better. 

'Hood: Mitte

Markethalle Neun / Kreuzberg, Berlin / Germany

Chaparro Cocina Mexicana / Kreuzberg, Berlin / Germany

Chaparro Cocina Mexicana / Kreuzberg, Berlin / Germany

Katie's Blue Cat Cafe - Baked goods inspired by American, English, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian comfort food - plus delicious tea and coffee. Founded in 2011 by ex-pats, this cafe is always bustling with locals. You can even order their cookies online! 

'Hood: Between Kreuzberg + Neukolln

LPG BioMarket GmBH - perfect little grocery store with fresh bread, produce and plenty of vegan-friendly groceries. Wanna see Berlin on the cheap? Pack a picnic lunch! 

'Hood: Kreuzberg

Markethalle Neun - This large market hall space is over 120 years old, and hosts vendors Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. You can get specialty groceries here, as well as eat at unique food stalls on 'Street Food' Thursdays. Where else can you find tacos, bahn mi, currywurst, sushi, beer and ice cream under one roof? Honestly, I was sold as soon as I found the classic photobooth tucked away in a corner of the market. 

'Hood: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Roamers Coffee + Booze - Oooooo, she's a beaut. It's got everything a youth can dream of in their coffee shop - lush plants, industrial tables, yummy snacks, good coffee, oh AND BOOZE. It's popular for a reason. 

'Hood: Neukolln