10 Reasons To Think Like A Traveler @ Home | #8

10 Reasons_Reason8_Local(Tourist)

Reason #8 | You’re Probably Right Too, Maybe. 

Imagine yourself somewhere deep in India, on a bus that advertised a six hour journey from Beautiful Point A) to Stunning Point B). You’ve been wanting to go from A) to B) for ages, and you’re ready for the bumpy, lengthy bus ride because you know it will be worth it. Now imagine wondering why this six hour bus ride has become nine hours long, with no end in sight. Why are we stopping at so many non-bus stops? Why are we slowing to a snail’s pace every time we pass a cow cruising roadside? I mean, it's not in our path...how long will this actually take? 

Ohhhhhhhh right, right, the holy cow. 

Suddenly you remember you’re in a place that reveres the cow with actual religious reverence. Here, that steer lumbering across this muddy road is a Big Deal, not your BigMac. You gotta respect that. 

Now imagine yourself in a beautiful Riad in Morocco, staying with a kind family that has insisted on making you dinner your first night in Tangier. The house smells amazing, and you know you’re about to have some of the most delicious (and truly authentic) tagine you may ever eat. You also heard it’s traditional to eat with your hands, so you’ve washed them eight times already. Seated with this generous family around the table, you thank them profusely for your meal and reach in, barehanded, to the tagine pot. Everyone gasps, and then their youngest kid giggles.

Ohhhhhhhh right, it’s extremely rude to eat with your left hand OH NO OH S**T this is embarrassing oh god oops...

You completely forgot that you eat (as well as shake hands with) your right hand in Morocco. Your left hand is for, well, bathroom and cleanliness-type-uses. It doesn’t matter that you’re left handed. You apologize, everyone laughs, and you go on eating. 

Get it? Everybody's right, everybody's wrong.

We all have different deep-seated beliefs, and someone else’s might not make sense to you. Hey - your left handedness and Big Mac don’t make sense to someone either. Keep this in mind while at home in your own neighborhood, and you probably won’t freak out as much at the little things.

Assuming the things you say / do / believe aren't causing harm to others, you're probably right. And, yeah, they’re right too. It’s all a matter of opinion. Be cool hunny bunny, be cool!