10 Reasons To Think Like A Traveler @ Home | #4

10 Reasons_Reason #4_Local(Tourist)

Reason #4 | Seek Out The Quiet. 

The new luxury travel commodity is: silence.

Yikes. It makes my heart sad and confused - why are we paying so much and traveling so far in pursuit of 'less'? I also understand why this is the natural progression of tourism - modern society is overstimulating. The luxury travel industry used to market extravagance, glamour, and solitude (if you didn't count the people waiting on you, hand and foot). Lately, that marketing has shifted from pampering to unplugging. 

 Everyone, and I mean everyone, is jumping on the unplug-or-else train. Self help gurus, local news anchors, podcasters, scientists - are all talking about the danger of too much ‘screen time’. They’re not wrong either.

Countless vacations are planned around putting as much distance between yourself and the cubicle as possible (like thousands of miles, thank you very much). Newer unplugging trends include silent retreats, WiFi restricted resorts, and hiking into the middle of the desert, sans-internet (but spam-gramming photos when you’re back in WiFi range). I don’t need to explain why we do this, already you’re nodding your head like yep, I get it, I get it. Could that be a sign you need a little quiet in your daily life? 

***eyeroll*** please don’t tell me I need to start meditating…  

I mean, maybe?

Whether it's a quick vacation or a nomadic life, we generally approach travel with the intent to rest, recharge, and return with fresh perspective. Maybe we should try to build this into daily life? 

Whatever your speed, try something different, and for f***sake don’t wait until your annual vacation. Ideas include: 

  • Meditating (yep I went there). 
  • Leave your phone outside your bedroom when you go to sleep. 
  • Oh, your phone is your alarm clock too? Then put it in airplane mode an hour before you go to bed, and don’t take it off airplane mode until your morning routine is complete.
  • 5 minute journal or morning pages - whatever you call it, take an extremely brief moment before you get ready for the day to dump the contents of your brain, including sleepy gibberish, onto a page. I can vouch for this one, it’s helped me a lot. 
  • Equally helpful is a short journal before you go to sleep, especially to blurt out (3) things you’re grateful for that day. Sill eye rolling? You want inner peace, right?
  • Stop staring at a screen, any size, at least two hours before you go to sleep...this is a tough one.
  • Take a short, solo walk on your lunch break, without music. Just your brain. 
  • Yoga - though as trendy as kale and wearing leggings as pants, it’s also helped people for hundreds of years, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
  • Walk barefoot on sand, dirt, or grass - hippies call this 'grounding', and it does chill you out. Unless you have a grass allergy. 

There are a million more suggestions out there, but you don't have all day. Give yourself some tech free, noise free, - r e a l -  quiet in your daily life - and you’ll find it to be a much happier daily life. 

Got any suggestions for ways to unplug and find peace day-to-day? Share in the comments!