10 Reasons To Think Like A Traveler @ Home | #2


Reason #2 | Total Dumbfounded Wonder. 

Thanks to the World Wide Web, we’ve seen so many photos of places around the world its stupid. Go ahead, type ‘Taj Majal’ into a Google search and 31,500,000 results come up in (.68) seconds. It’s easy to get numb to mind-blowing photos of gorgeous places. Seen it all before. Haven’t been there, but definitely done that. I don’t know what life will look like in the future, but I’m happy to say the internet hasn’t numbed my soul to in-person experiences yet. Personal case in point: staring at the Pyramids, feet in the Sahara sand, nostrils filled with the dry smell of dust and camels. 

General consensus around viewing the Egyptian pyramids in person is...stunned silence.

That, and dry mouth from your jaw staying perpetually dropped in the middle of the desert, because you can’t believe how old the things are that you’re looking at.

Awe and cotton mouth are accompanied by a sense of smallness, since they’ve been around for just about three thousand years. THREE THOUSAND YEARS. Suddenly you feel like a tiny glob of atoms floating in a timeless universe. I highly recommend it, five stars. 

Another example of total dumbfounded wonder would be little kids, looking at - basically anything. Ever seen a child under the age of six play with dirt? Elmer’s glue? A cardboard box? Everything is amazing. Stop being a grownup for one second...We’re all impressed at our abilities to make doctor’s appointments, tie shoes, and civilly discuss political views at a dinner party, pinkies up. When was the last time you let yourself feel amazement? Play with play-doh, or dirt. I highly recommend it, five stars. 

Think like a traveler, or small child, and suddenly life is -- m a g i c --. 

img by Local (Tourist)

img by Local (Tourist)